Irina Rudolph for District six City Council San Antonio

I am running to make District 6 better for all the residents.

Many small businesses have been devastated and are in pressing need of help to the Covid 19 pandemic.
My husband and I are small business owners, and we understand the hardships that the residents of San Antonio, District 6, are facing.

Property values keep going up, which in turn, have raised property taxes exponentially. I will be fighting for all struggling residents
to be able to afford to stay in their homes where they have created great memories throughout the years.

With the vast movement of businesses coming to Texas, I want to make sure that many of them locate here in San Antonio. I want to make sure
that many of them, open their doors of opportunity, right here in San Antonio.

Crime has grown, and the police force is diminishing. I will fight for our first responders to ensure a comfortable and safe family environment.
I am pro-military, pro-police, and pro-second amendment.

Growing numbers of the elderly, both physically and mentally disabled, and homeless population need assistance from their council,
and I will be an advocate for their needs.

Sadly, our streets have not kept up with the growth in our beloved San Antonio, leading to dangerous driving conditions, such as car damaging
potholes, and excessive amounts of road debris. It is in all of our best interests to address the road maintenance that needs to be done around the area.

If you want positive change in District 6, the RIGHT choice, is me – Irina Rudolph.

Thank you for your support!

Where I stand:

  • Responsible Tax Use - Taxes acquired from this district should be used in this district.
  • Crime Issues - Additional resources and attention is required to address these concerns.
  • Homeless Camp Issues - Utilization of current resources and providing compassion for those less fortunate.
  • Lower Taxes - Taxes should be reasonable and appropriate.
  • Pro - Business
  • Pro - Jobs
  • Pro - 2nd Amendment
  • Advocate for Senior Citizens
  • Always supportive of our Military, Veterans and First Responders
Irina for District 6 San Antonio

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Irina Rudolph for District 6 San Antonio Irina Rudolph for District 6 San Antonio Irina Rudolph for District 6 San Antonio


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City Council District Six San Antonio

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